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Artists App. Preview 009 by aktell Artists App. Preview 009 by aktell

Well, I have the first preview Images from my all new ‘Artists Social Media AIR DeskTop Application’ I have been working on for the last few months. Not quiet ready as yet for release, but soon ready to send out 12 basic Apps. to Artists for testing on the usefulness of the App. and for suggestions and improvements.
I also have not included in this bunch of Images any Web related Images of items which are in the App. or anything of the special Search section other than for the Artists Search itself. Other Images will come ASAP.

Each Application includes and should be set up for One Artists or a Group of Artists which would offer the App. as such for free to there faithful followers etc.

• The Intro section:
• Questions and Answers which could come up when using the App.

• The Artists section:
• 8 to 10 Image galleries (Semi / Full Auto) which can be changed on demand for the main Artists or Group of Artists, and used to Show Case there own Image galleries or galleries for there personal favorite ‘Feature Artists’ with there work.

• The Web section:
• Social media networking with many-many commonly sites anybody would use from DiviantArt, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, E-mail services Art sites and Blogs and around 100 + others all at your Fingertips in one Application !

• The Search section:

• Part One.
• Maybe my personal favorite as here you really can let loose and find out how say for example a fellow Artists is doing worldwide and I mean worldwide. This Search section is truly the main item of the App. as it does not leave a stone unturned to find out about peoples social media involvement and progress.

• Part Two.
• At present 20 a general Search section with Search Engines other than the big G.

• Part Three.
• General worldwide direct Search by continents and countries with associated languages with around 190 Search Engines e.g. Europe / Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Italy and so on with the same for other continents and countries.

• Part Four.
• Two Image Search Engines.

• The Tools section:
• This includes a Translator Engine and a Text Note pad to write down and to save the files (.txt, .css, html etc.) to any computer. Further more a Drag and Drop Video Player and a couple of download sections for downloading any Art work or anything else if made available by an Artist.

At present I have also quiet a selection of other Tools and components which I will include one by one or on demand once the Application is ready for release. There will be also other Tools available for the main Artist or group of Artists of an App. which will only be used by them and therefore not be included into a general released Application etc.

More Info, Images and details will follow !
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December 30, 2010
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